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Useful Tips to Choose the Best Free VPN for Kodi

Many people like to spend their free time in front of the screen, the size of which depends on the financial possibilities or just personal preferences. Kodi player is a universal key to the media world, but it often requires VPN protection. In a few minutes, you will know how to choose the best free VPN for Kodi and why it is important.

What are the Specifics of Kodi?

This universal media player is based on free and open-source software, which gave him vast popularity and a great variety of addons. Those additional elements can be used for diverse purposes, including cheating and stealing private information. Another important aspect of using Kodi is its rather strict location preferences and geo-restrictions, which, however, can be solved using a VPN.

How do VPN Services Help to Overcome Problems?

In simple words, virtual private networks (VPN) usually use additional encoding and protocols over the established network that creates few additional levels of security. In the case of Kodi, VPN allows creating few additional problems to spy addons, which usually crush in such circumstances. The issue of geo-restrictions solved in quite another way and VPN service “presents” the user from another location, which cannot be checked due to a few levels of additional protection mentioned few sentences above. However, choosing an appropriate VPN is not the simplest one, but we will try to help.

What is the Problem With Some Free VPNs?

Everyone should be careful while choosing a VPN service, due to some reasons:

  • every product requires time and money that should be returned
  • free VPN can ignore a few levels of protection and provide only the basic tasks
  • free VPN can use personal data for their commercial needs (just sell information about you)
  • be careful while clicking “I agree” with terms and conditions without reading them carefully

Also, everyone should be careful as not all VPNs, even paid ones, can solve problems related to the pleasant usage of Kodi. After the deep exploration of the market, we can present private and free VPN that can be easily used with Kodi.

Best Free VPN Services for Kodi

  1. Proton VPN – a useful application from Switzerland, which is fully associated with the reliability of the country of origin. This app presents unlimited data and speed, advertisement-free, and have Switz reliability of work, while presents only three countries to choose and single device to work on. Of course, a paid version presents even better speed and unlocks highlighted limitations, but even a free version can be useful in specific cases.
  2. ZenMate VPN – another application that presents unlimited data, which is the cornerstone for enjoying Kodi as a modern media player. Even though there are limitations of speed, countries to choose, and not a full package of protection, ZenMate is a reliable choice. Those who will be ready to pay for service will receive maximum security and unlimited possibilities that VPNs can present.
  3. Windscribe VPN – one more suitable variant with good speed that allows watching even 4K video, but with limitations of traffic on the level of 10Gb per month. Also, the user of free account will have only 11 countries for choosing, but even such conditions can be appropriate for those who use Kodi only once a week for favorite serial, for instance. The paid version will give unlimited conditions, while the quality of protection is enough on both versions.
  4. VPN – next in this list due to bigger limitations in terms of speed and traffic amount. However, even though 2Gb per month and 3Mb/s are not needed numbers for good media usage, they cannot overcome the protection level and reliability of this service app. The paid version, as usual, opens enough opportunities for using Kodi as you like.

TunnelBear VPN – the last in our list due to its smallest amount of available traffic per month, only 500Mb. However, even a low speed and lack of full services in the free version fades into the background as reliability is the cornerstone of every VPN service and must not be ignored. The paid version allows using all the opportunities of the good service.