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Avast Antivirus Review: Why is it Worthy

Avast has become the best antivirus, the most downloaded antivirus. And just a product that has received widespread recognition and approval. And it cannot be said that these are exaggerated virtues. After all, this antivirus copes well with its tasks. Well, and why this is so, we describe in our Avast antivirus review at antivirus-review.com

What you need to know about Avast

And immediately a small but unpleasant addition, which is not in the official changelogs. Avast developers have removed the SafeZone secure browser from the latest versions of their antivirus.

It will continue to work for those who have been installed previously, but with a fresh installation of the program, instead of a browser with secure payment mode, you will get a bolt. But in the last build, Avast added a paid component for updating drivers (removed the next day).

So, Avast is one of the leaders in cyber defense, which for some year has firmly held the position of the best antivirus (the best free antivirus!). This software also offers a wide selection of computer solutions: from a simple free antivirus to Internet protection and driver updates. We will consider the main functions of the antivirus.

Tools and Features Avast

  1. File system screen. Standard anti-virus module that checks on the fly all created, opened and modified files.
  2. Screen behavior. The proactive defense component is perhaps the only technology that Avast has learned after purchasing AVG. The behavior screen, previously called Identity Protection, monitors the activity of running processes and blocks programs that behave suspiciously.
  3. Mail screen. Checks for incoming and outgoing messages in stationary mail clients for threats.
  4. Web screen. A full-fledged web antivirus that scans all HTTP / S traffic on the fly. The EICAR Avast 2017 Free test file blocks before it gets to the computer’s hard drive, it should be so.
  5. CyberCapture Blocks the launch of suspicious files, analyzes their behavior on Avast servers.
  6. DeepScreen Not explicitly highlighted even in the settings, however, tests show the preservation of this technology in Avast 2017 Free. This component, like CyberCapture, analyzes suspicious files, not only in the Avast cloud but on your computer. At least the first, even the second technology may work.
  7. Enhanced mode. Must-Have for inexperienced users. It works by reputation. In moderate mode, it blocks the launch of all files with a low or undefined rating, in the aggressive mode it only allows programs with a high level of trust to run.

Additional components

  • Software Updater. Checks for updates for installed programs. Only the paid version of Avast Premier can update applications automatically.
  • Cleaning the browser. Detects low-ranking browser extensions, offers to remove them.
  • Emergency drive. It allows you to create a boot disk or flash drive with Avast antivirus.
  • Check Wi-Fi. Scans the network for vulnerabilities, shows a list of active devices.
  • A browser extension for security. It’s Avast Online Security. A browser extension that protects against phishing (not necessary with an active web screen), showing the rating of the visited site, blocking tracking by various online services (disabled by default). Also declared is the function of automatically opening the installed SafeZone browser when visiting payment system sites.
  • SafePrice browser extension. Checks the reliability of the website of the seller, offers to purchase goods at a lower price or a discount.
  • SecureLine VPN. The paid component that establishes an encrypted connection with Avast servers, through which you will receive your Internet traffic. This way all traffic will be protected.

Avast is developing, and this is good news. But seriously, the new version of the free antivirus left quite a positive impression. Among the pleasant innovations, we can note the new proactive component “Behavior Screen”, a modified web screen, and an updated interface with informative alerts