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The Complete Review of Total AV Antivirus

A recently new antivirus software stands out by the number of advertisements on the Internet. There are lots of reviews featuring how incredible and great this program is. Let’s find out if it’s really true as well as some other peculiarities of Total AV.

The highlights of the software system

Basically, the company has developed versions for all devices that use Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. However, each version has different capabilities and peculiar characteristics.

You can be sure this software offers real-time antivirus protection along with a variety of scanning options (quick scan, full scan, USB-scan, etc.).

The price was the most arguable point until the company has changed this policy. At first, the users who were allured in by the price of $20 per year didn’t read the details (that starting from the 2nd year, it’ll rise up to $100). Now it’s advertised differently and everybody sees that $20 is a promotional price. In addition, they introduced 30-day money back guarantee which allows to test the system and use it for this time risk-free. It’s more than enough to see if the software works for you.

The key features of Total AV include anti-worm, anti-Trojan, anti-rootkit, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, etc.

The variety of extra features

A wealth of features is another reason why this software gets more popular by the day. In the bundle, a user gets a VPN, the disk cleaner, the system boost tool, etc.

Every user also gets a personal firewall to add another layer of protection to online browsing.

In case you’ve got any questions, you can reach the support system via phone, email, and live chat. You can also find some answers to the most popular questions in the FAQ section.

The disadvantages of using Total AV

One of the cons in this software is its ability to work only on up to 5 devices. So, if you have more in your household, this option won’t be very convenient. The pricing policy is a little confusing and you should make sure you understand it completely before you make a purchase. Its VPN service is also vague as there’s no information about the no-logging policy. A VPN also lacks a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

Finally, this antivirus doesn’t block 100% of threats and malware. This aspect can be improved a lot. However, the average user who isn’t online all the time won’t probably suffer from this drawback.

It also has some issues with MacBooks. They are unclear but Windows users find the software working better than users of Apple products.

The verdict

Total AV is a bit controversial antivirus software. There are numerous advantages that you can test your yourself using the 30-day money back guarantee. However, you should also study the obvious disadvantages and see if something else doesn’t satisfy your needs as well. The simple interface is likely to be appealing to everybody and the simplicity of controlling it will help you test and discover all the features.