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The Best Free Antivirus Software

AVG Free Antivirus Software:

AVG is your real Anti-Virus-Guard (AVG) against all types of online and offline risks. The provider keeps it changing to compete with antivirus market. Its users’ interface (UI) is beautiful along with shielding security features. AVG has been in the good books of its users for its standard security features and user friendly interface.

If we talk about security, which must be the main concern when choosing an best free antivirus software, it provides five layers of security. It has 400 million users in America only. This is an ample proof of peoples’ trust in it.

It works like a sensor. As soon as potential threats are found, these are analyzed, counter checked with a solution. This solution, then, is sent to all the AVG users around the world. It is in from of update; keeping them safe from the malicious malwares.

Its five layers of protection are the five walls around your computer, the protection from malicious websites and threatening downloads in emails, the protection against hacker’s attack from anywhere around the world, the protection of your personal data such as your personal writings, photos and videos.

Unfortunately, the three protection layers out of five, Hackers attach protection, Private data protection and business transaction protections are available only for 30 days’ trial.

It is user friendly with its easy interface. One click can scan your computer, any file folder or what you want to scan. Not only it scans malwares but also system problems.  USB, DVD, Deep Scan and Boot-Time scan are its new features which are being welcomed in the market of antivirus software. Its online protection shield is available in its free version. It does not have a conflict with windows users. If you are using some other software, you can install AVG in its passive mode, turning off its real time protection.

Its standard online protection is available in free version. To avail full antivirus software and its utilities, it is not free. But its free version is enough for general users to keep them safe from malwares when they are online.

Its Secure DNS feature helps you avoid fake websites. In this way it keeps your passwords and credit card numbers safe to you only.

Sum up: Its standard version is free which is enough against malware and computer virus. If you need to protect your payment record and credit cards numbers form hackers, its free version is not safe. It provides five-layer protections.