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Should You Get Vipre Antivirus? Find Out in This Review

Vipre is said to be one of the simplest antivirus software on the market. Yet, the bundle has a wide range of features that also make it convenient and configurable. Let’s make a list of pros and cons of this antivirus to see it’s worth getting.

The best thing about Vipre

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding part is its interface. Very simple, laconic, in nice color scheme, and with only 3 modules. As soon as you open the program, you’ll see quick access to:

  • Account
  • Manage.

Use them to set up your preferences and control the antivirus, updates, emails, firewalls, and privacy. It’s simplicity partially comes from the Quiet Mode you can turn on in the settings. Basically, you’ll let the software do its thing without notifying you all the time about every threat. This is very convenient as you get complete protection and don’t get annoyed by the pop-up windows.

The anti-phishing feature also delivers excellent results. You can stay calm about online shopping as you know that your personal information like credit card data or addresses is safe. The antivirus makes everything possible to prevent third-party companies from obtaining this information.

Other advantages include:

  • Vipre is based on Bitdefender antivirus and antispam engines.
  • It has a very affordable price and can be used on several devices at once.
  • Every user gets a customizable firewall.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Extra features that make it stand out

Aside from malware protection, the software offers every user a set of tools. One of the unique features is Social Watch. This tool scans your Facebook timeline and removes all suspicious and potential threats.

In addition, this bundle has the Secure File Eraser. Some other companies call it file shredder because you use it to remove files securely and without any traces.

A very similar tool is Secure Delete that is used to capture and remove the unwanted software. It’s a great tool to take care of the programs that don’t want to be deleted and keep leaving files no matter what you try.

The drawbacks you need to be aware of

While it all seems great and convenient, there are some things the company should improve. The disadvantages of the software include:

  • Preset configurations. Most of them cannot be changed.
  • Support query gets a very slow response.
  • There’s no identity protection.
  • You won’t get webcam and microphone protection.

Some of these drawbacks are not crucial and yet, there are users who need exactly these features. If you are one of them, skip this option and don’t waste your time. Start looking for different antivirus software.

Is it worth getting Vipre?

If you need basic and affordable protection, this can very well be your choice. You get an effective program with a simple interface. In addition, the company provides you with some extras you can use if you wish. The advanced user won’t probably like the fact that it’s not very customizable. While the firewall can be set up according to your preferences, the rest of the settings are pretty stable.