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Avast Antivirus Alternatives

What are Alternatives to Avast Antivirus?

Avast has built its reputation as one of the most popular and trusted brands in the antivirus world. What is the reason? The answer is simple: Avast creates high-quality security products for millions of users from all over the world. Moreover, Avast offers a free edition that is capable of detecting and eradicating most common viruses and malicious programs. However, the cybersecurity world is changing and new challenges and trends are emerging. While Avast antivirus is still among the industry leaders, there are many other security products that are on par with Avast. If you have been using Avast for many years, but now think that it is time for something new with more extraordinary features and excellent lab evaluation results — we have great alternatives to Avast Antivirus. Generally, good protection comes at a price, but we collected quite affordable options on our list. Read our comprehensive review to find the best alternatives to Avast Antivirus at ease and on a budget.

The top alternatives to Avast Antivirus

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware isn’t as popular as Avast Antivirus, but in our opinion, it seems to be the next step in the world of malware protection. Thanks to innovative technologies, this security product quickly detects, eliminate malware software, and prevent further attacks. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can find and remove malware that even the most well-known antivirus solutions fail to detect. Moreover, the Malwarebytes application controls everything that is going on with your computer to stop any malicious process before it even starts.


Bitdefender is a feature-packed antivirus solution that provides customers with multi-level protection. It also offers a high level of data privacy. One of the main advantages of Bitdefender is its size and space-saving as this security solution doesn’t require much of the system resources. Frankly speaking, you won’t even notice that Bitdefender is running in the background. In addition to really great antivirus protection, all Bitdefender suites come with an impressive number of extra features. For example, the basic Antivirus Plus package provides not only protection from all potential threats, but also a set of coll tools, including a password manager, a secure browser, and a shredder. More advanced packages are even better as they come with secure encrypted storage, system optimization services, a VPN, and even more.

Kaspersky AntiVirus

Kaspersky AntiVirus is also quite popular, and for good reason. It provides protection from almost all possible threats in the digital world and offers the basic features to keep your system safe. In addition to basic tools, the Premium packages include a lot of cool stuff, such as parental control, online payment protection, and a VPN. However, if you install the Kaspersky free version, your PC will be protected too. The free package offers its essential features: file, email and web antivirus, automatic updates, self-defense, quarantine, and so on. We also need to mention that Kaspersky Free doesn’t reduce your system performance and works faster than the other antiviruses.

Total AV

Being a relatively new player in the antivirus game, Total AV has managed to win thousands of hearts from all over the world. Total AV is a bit innovative as it uses the mix of AI, Endpoint scanning, and cloud technology to detect malicious programs. The security product protects your computer from all types of ransomware, malware, and spyware. And when it comes to Internet surfing, you can feel safe with an anti-phishing service. The Total AV packages are cross-platform, which means you can protect not just Windows-based computers, but also Mac, iOS, and Android gadgets. Moreover, whichever package you pick, you’ll get not only an antivirus program but also a few system optimization tools. For example, a disk cleaner and web browser manager come with all Total AV suites. While Avast is definitely reliable software to protect your computer from potential online threats, there are lots of other antivirus programs to pay attention to.